This body of work was first exhibited at Matchbox Studios 5-17 March 2013, part of the Wellington Fringe.

All are available for sale, with original size prints a little under A2 at $450 and a little under A3 at $250.

Here is the text of the poster in the exhibition.

What would it look like if the folk music revival spread to photography?

I'm trying to work out what it might mean to create a folk photograph, to be connected to the past in a way that is grounding and energising, rather than just retro or recycled.

Rather than the pursuit of heroic individuality that underpins rock, the folk revival seems to bring generations of people to line up behind you as you face the same problems they faced. It seems to be how people are currently taking up arms against despair. These pictures are my experiment at doing the same thing, but even more quietly.

Being able to sing along to a folk song doesn’t mean that you need to write one. Being able to instagram your kettle doesn’t mean that anyone else should be moved. Folk photography - if it exists at all - sits in between by allowing the artistic tools of shape, colour and light to get back in touch with familiarity, history and simplicity.

Come and work with me

If you have some objects that you would like to have a folk photograph made from, you can bring them in to Matchbox on Wednesday 6 March (1pm-6pm) or Saturday 16 March (12pm-5pm). Come back to the gallery the following week to pick up your picture. Small 6x4 prints are free and larger prints are by koha.


I would like to thank Sylvia Edge-Perkins, Dorothy Perkins and Adrian Portis for constant encouragement and immense amounts of practical support and advice. I would also like to thank the mentoring group lead by Jordyn O’Keeffe: Erika Harrison, Erin Johnson, Julie Hall, Rosie Hurst, Susie Whelan, Sarah Martin, and Michelle. My patient models were Sylvia, Adrian, Toni Fraser, and Daniel List. Location scouts and item donors were Rosie, Tracy Puklowski, Greg Savage and Paisj Stonnell, Liz Merton and Tim Barrie. I would like to thank the neighbours and passing drivers for not reporting the weird nocturnal light movements to the relevant authorities.

Official show selection

Official show selection

"Let's make a folk photo together" experiment results